We Advance Spiritism in the
English-Speaking World

Our mission is to advance Spiritism in the English-speaking world. We do so through a series of efforts and programs designed to build awareness, access, and engagement with Spiritist content and knowledge so as to improve people's lives through a deeper spiritual perspective.

Our Theory of Action

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Spiritism is a dynamic body of knowledge that studies the origin, nature, and evolution of spirits, as well as their relationship to the physical world. Because it combines a scientific approach with a philosophical mindset to arrive at practical day-to-day spiritual advice, we believe Spiritism can enormously contribute to one’s life and the world in general.

As a new body of knowledge, however, Spiritism is still widely unknown in many parts of the world. While it enjoys significant recognition in countries of Portuguese, French, and Spanish language, English-speaking geographies remain largely unaware of its profound and noble ideals. The Spiritist Institute seeks to change that.

To affect change, we focus on the 3 areas of work: Exposure, Access, and Engagement.


To learn more about our current efforts and programs, please visit our Programs Section.
All our programs and efforts are free of cost and rely on the support and generosity of people who see a value in our offerings.
If you think they can help make this world a better place, please considering volunteering or donating.

(The Spiritist Book Hub)

An easy-to-use website listing all Spiritist books and materials published in English -- and where to purchase or download them.

Spiritist Books
For All Program

A program to provide new Spiritist books to public libraries and community centers around the world.

The Spiritist
Day of Service

A once-a-year day of service bringing people together everywhere to volunteer in their local community.


Spiritual education is an individual effort -- but building access to reliable and accurate information about spirituality is a team sport.
As a non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer-lead, The Spiritist Institute relies on the engagement and support of individuals like you, who want to make a ripple in the world. You can help TSI in 3 simple ways:

Follow & Share

Help us get the word out. Follow TSI and/or our individual programs and activities on social media -- and share them with others!


Volunteer some of your time and skills to help us deliver our programs. Contact libraries to offer book donations, do research, manage a website... You choose! Contact us for more.


Help us fund our efforts as an on-time donor or sustaining supporter -- your choice. Few organizations can say that 100% of your (tax deductible) contribution goes to programs and projects.

Join Us. Our Partners Are Helping Change the World.

Many drops, many ripples. Our impact is always magnified when we work together.
We are honored to work together with these organizations and play a part in augmenting their impact.

Would you like to get involved and partner with us? Please contact us! We look forward to expanding our circle of friends — and of action.