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It's June, and much is happening in Spiritist communities everywhere. As a matter of fact, how do you find a Spiritist center near you? Read below...

What's in this edition of The Spiritist Radar:
  • Featured Resources: Meet "SpiritistGroups.Org," our new directory of Spiritist groups in English-speaking countries.
  • Book of the Month: How about a graphic novel as your next read? Check out "Kardec and the Spirits."
  • Spiritist Trivia: Teresa from the US won it last month. How strong is your Kardec trivia knowledge?
  • Events This Month:
    • June 14 - Religion, Spirituality, and Mental. Health: Research and Clinical Applications Webinar
    • June 25 - The Family Spiritist Retreat takes place in many US cities
  • Quick News: Two new episodes of Spiritist Conversations, and the German Spiritist Association has a new Instagram account.
  • The Spiritist Time Machine: Spiritual history for June.
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A Directory of Spiritist Groups in the English-speaking World

Are you looking for a Spiritist group near you, or do you know someone searching for one?
Meet our global directory of Spiritist groups in the English-speaking world: SpiritistGroups.Org.
SpiritistGroups.Org - A List of Spiritist Groups in the World
We at The Spiritist Institute are happy to bring you a new resource: a directory of Spiritist groups in English-speaking countries. Our volunteers have scoured the internet to find information on Spiritist groups throughout the world to create a website that answers a question we often hear: is there a Spiritist group in .....?

SpiritistGroups.Org can be the place that has that answer for you. When you visit the website, it detects where you are and offers the groups closest to you. If you want to search for groups in a different area, you can use the drop-down menu in the top left corner to choose a specific city. And for those who like maps, you can also use the "Global Map" link on the top menu to see different maps of all known groups.

When you find that group you are looking for, a simple click gets you to their contact information, languages spoken, activities, social media links, and more. You can even leave a review for a group you attend, and if you represent a group you can claim the listing and update it yourself!

We have done our best to find accurate data, but this is a work in progress that relies on "crowdsourcing" -- which means we can always use help! If you find something that needs to be corrected, updated, or added, reach out to us!

Don't forget to bookmark it and happy searching!


Kardec and The Spirits

(A Graphic Novel)

For something slightly different (but still edifying!) this month, how about a graphic novel that features the most important events and characters that marked the beginning of Spiritism in Paris in the 19th century? Check out Kardec And The Spirits by Guillermo Luis.


Congratulations to Teresa from the USA who won last month's trivia contest and a copy of Paul and Stephen by answering that "Damascus" was the city Saul was headed to when Christ appeared to him. Will you be this month's trivia winner?
Picture of a neon sign saying Spiritist Trivia

What was the full name of the man who came to be known as Allan Kardec?

Hint: Episode 36 of Spiritist Conversations ("Who Was Allan Kardec?") may or may not have the answer. Ok, it definitely does...


Religion, Spirituality, and Mental. Health: Research and Clinical Applications
The US Spiritist Medical Association is hosting a webinar with Harold G. Koenig, MD, MHsc from Duke University, who has published over 600 scientific articles, over 100 book chapters, and 60 books. Visit https://sma-us.org/events for more information.
June 14th, 2023
Online @ 7 pm (US-EST)
The Family Spiritist Retreat Is Here!
The Family Spiritist Retreat, an annual summer event, is taking place on June 25 in various locations in the US. Click here to find a list of cities and register today.
June 25, 2023
Various Locations (USA)


  • Want to brush up on your German? The German Spiritist Association (Deutsche Spiritistische Vereinigung) has a new Instagram account and could use a follow.

  • Two new "Spiritist Conversations" (podcast episodes, that is) happened in May.

"What are Spiritist Passes?" (#37) with Dr. Sonia Doi from the International Spiritist Medical Association dove into what Spiritist passes are and the scientific evidence for their efficacy. (Watch | Listen)
"Who is Allan Kardec?" (#36), where our friend Charles Kempf dials in from France to share some interesting facts about the codifier of Spiritism. (Watch | Listen)


Tidbits of #SpiritualHistory for June

  • June 3, 1925: Spiritist medium, astronomer, writer, and researcher Camille Flammarion discarnates in Juvisy, France, on this day.
  • June 12, 1851: Sir Oliver Lodge, British physicist, writer, and Spiritualist researcher, is born in 1851 in Penkhull, Staffordshire, England.
  • June 12, 1856: Allan Kardec receives a message from the Spirit of Truth through the mediumship of Aline C confirming his role in codifying Spiritism, a new spiritual body of knowledge.
  • June 14, 1829: British writer and medium Emma Hardinge Britten is born in London. Her books, Modern American Spiritualism (1870) and Nineteenth Century Miracles (1884), are detailed accounts of Spiritualism in America.
  • June 14, 1932: Italian medium Linda Gazzera discarnates on this day. Gazzera was the subject of research by Cesare Lombroso, Charles Richet, Mm Bison, and Enrico Imoda.
  • June 17, 1832: Sir William Crookes, British chemist, physicist, and spiritualist researcher is born in London. Crookes studied mediums Kate Fox, Florence Cook, and Daniel Dunglas Home, and was a major proponent of life after life.
  • June 18, 1946: French Spiritist writer Paul Bodier discarnates.
  • June 21, 1886: Scottish medium Daniel Dunglas Home, considered one of the greatest physical effects medium the world has seen, discarnates in Paris.
  • June 24, 1943: Italian Spiritist writer and psychic researcher Ernesto Bozzano discarnates in Genoa, Italy.
  • June 30, 2002: Brazilian medium Francisco Cândido Xavier discarnates in Uberaba, MG, in Brazil.

We hope you enjoyed what's on our radar for this month.

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