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Our August edition was all about movies, but it seems we are not done yet! Read more for updates.

In this edition of The Spiritist Radar:
  • More Movies? Yes! Read about a new crowdfunding effort to fund the making of the Fox sisters's story into a film, or sign up for a surprise movie night online! While we are talking movies, fans of Nosso Lar will probably not be excited to find out the premiere of Nosso Lar 2 has been postponed to early 2024.
  • Quick News: A new episode of Spiritist Conversations tackles what "umbral" is, Insightfully Speaking number 10 is out, and Spiritual Light discusses the fear of aging and death.
  • Events: The US Spiritist Symposium, this year focusing on mental health, happens this month!
  • The Spiritist Time Machine: Look back into Septembers past for a bit of spiritual history.
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Crowdfunding for "The Fox Sisters"

A new campaign to raise funds for a movie about the Fox sisters, early exponents of the new Spiritualist movement, is afoot! Get engaged by visiting the official kickstart page to donate, or share it with your friends.
More details from the campaign: From the acclaimed director and production team of box office hits such as "Astral City" (a.k.a "Nosso Lar"), "Kardec" and other spiritual-themed movies, "The Fox Sisters" will tell the story of two adolescent sisters, Margaret and Kate, who were thrust into world celebrity status overnight by the spirit knocks, thuds, and bangs that first jolted them in 1848.

In a lifespan of 40 years marked by a meteoric rise to fame and subsequent downfall, the Fox Sisters shows how two young women’s spontaneous psychic abilities led them to be scrutinized, mocked, researched, marveled at, ridiculed, and also invited to sit in front of US Presidents, university deans, scholars, scientists and the wealthy elite of a rapidly changing America fighting itself to free slaves and grant women the right to vote.

Surprise Movie Night Online

Are you up for something different this month? Then the "Surprise Movie Night" might be for you!

Sign up for this free event and the name of the movie will be unveiled when you receive the Zoom link to participate in the online showing. Until then, you will have to keep guessing!
After signing up, bring popcorn and some tissue to the most comfortable room in your house, or gather with your friends at your Spiritist Center for this 2-hour long movie. After, organizers will host a 30-40-minute open forum for discussion.

"Nosso Lar 2" Release Date Postponed

Dial up the expectation a notch! The release of the movie based on the second volume of Andre Luiz's famous book series that was slotted to be released in Brazil this month has been postponed. The new release date is January 25, 2024. Until then, why not read (or re-read) the book?
New release date:
January 25, 2024.


SC39. What Is Umbral?
Are "umbral" and purgatory the same? A new episode of Spiritist Conversations is out! Join our usual suspects and Mackenzie Melo in a conversation about an interesting spiritual concept introduced to Spiritists in the book Nosso Lar (Astral City) almost 80 years ago.
Insightfully Speaking #10
What do robots think about the advancement of AI?
Is there anything we can really do in regard to climate change?
Are we neglecting our mental health?

Natasha Aragão joins Adam, Anne, and Humberto to discuss these topics from a Spiritist perspective in Episode 10 of Insightfully Speaking.
Spiritual Light: Fear of Old Age and Death
Charles Kempf, Silvia Gibbons, and Stevan Bertozzo get together to discuss this important topic on a new episode of Spiritual Light.


LAST CALL! Spiritual Path to Mental Balance
The annual US Spiritist Symposium happens this month!

Will you make it to Portland? Let us know!
September 30, 2023
Portland, Oregon (USA)
Tickets are still available.


Tidbits of #SpiritualHistory for September

  • September 2, 1914: Eugene Auguste Albert de Rochas, French researcher known for his studies in the field of psychic and mediumistic phenomena, discarnates in Grenoble, France.
  • September 5, 1892: William Stainton Moses, English cleric, medium, spiritualist writer and a prominent figure in the early spiritualist movement, discarnates in Bedford, England.
  • September 6, 1853: Victor Hugo, the renowned French writer, poet, and playwright, attends a séance session of table-turning for the first time, at the suggestion of Delphine de Girardin, in Jersey Island, France.
  • September 8, 1888: The First International Spiritist Congress was held in Barcelona, Spain. It marked an important event in the history of Spiritism and contributed to its development and dissemination as a spiritual and philosophical movement.
  • September 17, 1839: Ira Erastus Davenport, an American medium of physical effects, was born in Buffalo, New York, USA. He became known for the public sessions he conducted alongside his brother.
  • September 25, 1914: José Herculano Pires, a Brazilian journalist and Spiritist writer, is born in Avaré, São Paulo. He authored over 80 books and saw Spiritism as a way to reconcile science and spirituality.
  • September 27, 1813: Epes Sargent, an American author, poet, and advocate of Spiritualism who played a significant role in promoting and explaining the concepts of Spiritualism, was born in Massachusetts, USA.
  • September 29, 1904: Marina Leymarie, French author, discarnates in Paris, France. She was also the widow of Pierre-Gaëtan Leymarie whom she succeeded in the leadership of the Spiritist Bookstore and the Revue Spirite after his passing.
  • September 30, 1897: Thérèse of Lisieux, French Catholic nun and author, discarnates in Lisieux, France. She gained recognition for her writings on spirituality, #OnThisDay #Spiritualism
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