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We are nearing the halfway mark for 2023, and Spiritists everywhere are busy studying, growing, and helping their communities.

What's in this edition of The Spiritist Radar:
  • Featured Resources: Podcasts: Spiritist Conversations, Insightfully Speaking, and Kardec Radio Podcasts.
  • Books and More Books:
    • New: USSF launches Mediumship by Therezinha Oliveira
    • Book of the Month: Paul and Stephen, by Emmanuel
  • Spiritist Trivia! No winners last month. Will you win this time?
  • Events:
    • This month: Special Harmonization for the Royal Coronation (May 6)
    • Coming up: The Family Spiritist Retreat Turns 20! (June 25), Registration for the Spiritist Symposium is Now Open (Sept 30), and North American Spiritist Educators Workshop (Oct 13-15).
  • The Spiritist Time Machine
  • Giving Back: Volunteer with The Spiritist Radar!
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Looking to add some Spiritism to your commute, downtime, or exercise routine? Here are some Spiritist podcasts for you:

Spiritist Conversations

Spiritist Conversations is an informal show where three hosts sit down with friends to talk about the world through a Spiritist lens in an informal, unscripted, and unplugged way.
On its 6th season, Dan Assisi, Suzana Simoes, and Flavio Zanetti invite guests to pull up a chair and join a conversation as they leverage the scientific, philosophic, and ethical aspects of Spiritism to untangle life — and have some fun while at it. You can listen to it on all major podcast platforms or watch it on Facebook and YouTube. Don't miss the next live episode, "Who is Allan Kardec?" on Friday, May 5th at 1 pm US/Pacific, 4 pm US/Eastern, and 10 pm Paris time -- from where guest Charles Kempf will join.

Insightfully Speaking

Insightfully Speaking features Adam Osborne, Anne Sinclair, and Humberto Schubert as they talk with two special guests per episode about recent news, events, books, films, and anything else that catches their eye, bringing their thoughts and insights while looking at the world from a Spiritist perspective.
You can listen to it on major podcast platforms or watch it on YouTube.

Kardec Radio Podcasts

Kardec Radio makes available a series of programs in audio format for your enjoyment. You have many options to sort through, from talk shows to audiobooks to commentaries on books.
You can visit the Kardec Radio podcast page for more information and links to specific shows.



Hot off the press: the United States Spiritist Federation has announced a new book, "Mediumship," by Therezinha Oliveira. Based on the authors' decades of experience as a participant and leader of Spiritist mediumship meetings, the book offers advice for both mediums and mediumistic groups.

Paul and Stephen

Don't miss the spiritual narration of key moments of the Apostle Paul's life as told by the spirit Emmanuel through the mediumship of FC Xavier! With a richness of details that complements biblical narration, Paul and Stephen invites readers to follow the Apostle to the Gentiles on his journey to redemption -- as told by the spiritual realm!


Last month's trivia had no winners! :( Take a chance this month and win a copy of Paul and Stephen by being the first to reply with the correct answer to this month's Spiritist Trivia:
Picture of a neon sign saying Spiritist Trivia

Saul was on the way to what city when Christ appeared to him?


This month...

Special Harmonization for the Royal Coronation
Kardec Group (Spiritist Society of Windsor & Maidenhead and Spiritist Society of Bicester) will have a special harmonization online at 9:30 am (UK/London) for the Royal Coronation of King Charles III. Everyone is welcome!
May 6, 2023
Online @ 9:30 am (UK)

Looking Ahead...

June 25, 2023
Various Locations (USA)
The Family Spiritist Retreat Turns 20!
The Family Spiritist Retreat, an annual summer event in the US (so far!) where Spiritist families come together for a fun-filled day at a beautiful park, is turning 20 this year. To learn more or register to take part in one of its locations throughout the US, click here. Outside the US? Reach out anyway!
September 30, 2023
Portland, Oregon (USA)
Registration for the 17th US Spiritist Symposium is Now Open!
This year's theme: The Spiritual Path to Mental Balance. Registration is now open. The early bird discount expires in July.
Registration for the 17th US Spiritist Symposium is Now Open!
This year's theme: The Spiritual Path to Mental Balance. Registration is now open. The early bird discount expires in July.
North American Spiritist Educators Workshop 2023 is Coming!
The Canadian Spiritist Council and the United States Spiritist Federation are planning an event together for Spiritist educators on October 13-15, 2023.
October 13-15, 2023
Online (Canada/USA)


Tidbits of #SpiritualHistory for May

  • May 1, 1880: Eurípedes Barsanulfo, Brazilian educator and prominent Spiritist medium, is best known as the founder and first headmaster of Colégio Allan Kardec, one of the first spiritist schools in the world.
  • May 2, 1827: French publisher Pierre-Gaëtan Leymarie is born in Tulle, France. Leymarie was an early Spiritist exponent and became editor of The Revue Spirite in 1870 after Kardec's passing.
  • May 5, 1927: Renowned Spiritist medium, speaker, and philanthropist Divaldo Pereira Franco was born on May 5, 1927, in the state of Bahia, Brazil.
  • May 7, 1856: Allan Kardec receives a message from the spirit Hahnemann through the mediumship of Ms. Japhet confirming his mission to codify a new body of knowledge.
  • May 7, 1861: The poet, spiritual philosopher, and winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize for Literature Rabindranath Tagore is born in Kolkata, India.
  • May 8, 1852: The Spiritual Telegraph, the first spiritualist journal in the United States, publishes for the first time on this day.
  • May 9, 1879: Amália Domingo Soler witnesses for the first time a spirit communication by Father Germano, her spirit guide, who urges her to persist in her spiritual work.
  • May 12, 2021: Suely Caldas Schubert, Brazilian medium and author of many books related to mediumship, discarnates.
  • May 19, 1985: Hemendra Nath Banerjee, Indian reincarnation researcher, discarnates in Los Angeles.
  • May 20, 1837: Albert de Rochas, a leading French parapsychologist, writer, and military administrator, was born. Rochas wrote Successive Lives and was part of the committee that studied the Italian medium Eusapia Paladino.
  • May 22, 1859: Scottish physician-turned-writer Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh. Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, dedicated much of his life to Spiritualism, speaking and writing on the subject profusely.
  • May 22, 1885: Victor Hugo, French writer and dedicated Spiritist, discarnates in Paris, France. Hugo continues to write from the spirit world, having authored a number of books through the mediumship of Divaldo Franco and Zilda Gama.
  • May 23, 1733: German physician Franz Anton Mesmer was born. Mesmer is well known for his study of "animal magnetism," later known as "mesmerism," as a factor in healing.
  • May 26, 1861: Amélia Rodrigues, famous Brazilian educator, writer, and poet, was born in Santo Amaro, Bahia. Rodrigues has written beautiful books about early Christianity through the mediumship of Divaldo Franco.
  • May 27, 1832: Russian scientist and psychic researcher Alexander Aksakof was born. Aksakov has been credited with being the first to use the term "telekinesis."
  • May 30, 1431: French medium Joan of Arc is burned at the stake by the Inquisition. Almost 500 years later, Joan would eventually be considered a saint by the Catholic Church in 1920.


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