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We are getting ready to "turn on" The Spiritist Radar next month!

As we warm up our engines for December, we wanted to share with you what has been on our radar this month while you wait for our first edition.

So, let's jump into it:

The 2022 US Spiritist Symposium is a Success

Every year, Spiritists from across the United States gather in one city for a day of learning, fellowship, and celebration. This year’s symposium, the 16th to take place, was organized by the US Spiritist Federation and co-hosted by the Spiritist groups in Houston, Texas. This year’s theme: Time for Renewal: Healing and Regrowth.
Did you miss the symposium? Would you like to see it again? Visit USSF’s YouTube channel for all the videos and this Google Photos album for some great pictures.

Happy 25th Anniversary to the USSF!

The United States Spiritist Federation commemorated its 25th Anniversary this year with a celebration during the US Spiritist Symposium. The USSF works hard to bring together the Spiritist community in the US and support the spiritist centers in the country. Want to know more? Visit their website and sign up for their newsletter.

Medicine and Spirituality

Interested in the cross-over of medicine and spirituality?
The British Spiritist Medical Association has just held the 9th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality on October 29.
The International Spiritist Medical Association will host an online seminar on Bioethics entitled "In Defense of Life" on November 20!
This seminar will focus on critical issues that surface when one or more persons make the decision as to whether another human being will live or will die, situations that may occur at the beginning of life (induced abortion) or at end of life (euthanasia). Register here.
We hope this can hold you over until we officially launch in December!

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