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April is here, and we take the time to celebrate the creation of The Parisian Society for Spiritist Studies (Société Parisienne des Études Spirites) on April 1st, 1858—and Spiritist groups everywhere!

The Parisian Society for Spiritist Studies, founded in Paris by Allan Kardec himself, was the first Spiritist society in the world. As such, it set the precedent for the creation of spaces where people interested in spirituality could debate and learn about Spiritism with like-minded individuals. Sometimes also called Spiritist groups or Spiritist centers, they offer any and everyone the opportunity to listen to inspiring talks, take part in study groups, receive spiritual/magnetic healing known as "passes," volunteer in their local communities, and much more. You do not need to go to a Spiritist society to study Spiritism or call yourself a Spiritist, but attending a Spiritist group can be a great way to further your studies -- and meet new people!

Although there are thousands of Spiritist groups scattered throughout the world, each has its own flavor and atmosphere. They are run by dedicated volunteers who work hard to create a welcoming space for their local communities. (If you are one of them, thank you!) You are unlikely to walk into two groups that are exactly the same, which means you have plenty of choice! Lastly, Spiritist groups are always free of charge and rely on the generosity of their members to maintain themselves, which makes it possible for all to attend regardless of financial condition.
Do you attend a Spiritist group? To find one near you, please visit spiritistgroups.org. Our directory of Spiritist groups offers a comprehensive list of groups in the English-speaking world. (And if you know of one that is missing, needs to be updated, or added to our list, please let us know!)

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    Link to a directory of Spiritist groups in the English-speaking world.
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    In this edition of The Spiritist Radar,
    • A new virtual course on mediumship launches!
    • At least 11 new resources to read, watch, and listen; and
    • a list of upcoming events, including one geared to families and one focused on science.
    Read it in order, or jump ahead to the section you want. Your radar, your choice -- and plenty of choices to explore more of Spiritism in April!


    Introduction to Mediumship - A Virtual Course

    The United States Spiritist Federation is thrilled to announce a new virtual course, “Introduction to Mediumship—A Study Guide for Beginners.” This four-module comprehensive course offered free of charge, invites individuals eager to explore the realm of spirit communication and gain insights into the world beyond. To learn more, click here.




    A Deeper Dive into the Science of Life After Death

    For tickets, please click here.
    May 11, 2024
    New York, USA
    The TriState Spiritist Federation invites you for an illuminating exploration at the intersection of science and spirituality in "Science & Spiritism."

    The event will feature Dr. Alexander Moreira-Almeida, Ph.D., a renowned scientist known for groundbreaking work on the enigmatic topic of life after death and the survival of consciousness; and
    Dr. Angelica Almeida, who will revisit Kardec's original manuscripts to offer an exploration of the origins of Spiritism and uncover its profound significance in contemporary understanding.

    Spiritist Family Retreat Coming in June!

    June 23, 2024
    USA - Various Cities
    This annual summer event is where Spiritist families come together for a fun-filled day at a beautiful park, reflecting on Jesus' teachings in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

    The 21st edition of the Family Spiritist retreat is coming to a city near you in the United States. Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Rockville (MD), Baltimore, Miami, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and the CT-NY-NK tri-state area have already been confirmed. (Click here for more)


    Do you know of an event in which our readers would be interested? Let us know!


    Selected Tidbits of #SpiritualHistory for This Month

    • April 1, 1858: The Parisian Society for Spiritist Studies, the first official Spiritist Society in the world, is founded by Allan Kardec in Paris.
    • April 2, 1910: The Spiritist medium Francisco Cândido Xavier, who psychographed over 400 books during his lifetime, was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil. (Click here for a list of his books in English)
    • April 10, 1885: Louis Alphonse Cahagnet, French magnetizer and pioneer of spirit communication investigations, discarnates.
    • April 10, 1885: Pierre-Gaëtan Leymarie, who became the editor of the La Revue Spirite magazine after Kardec's passing, discarnates.
    • April 11, 1900: Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti discarnates in Brazil. A beloved figure known as the Doctor of the Poor, he was president of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation on two occasions. (Find his books here)
    • April 12, 1927: French Spiritist author and philosopher Léon Denis discarnates. (Find his books here)
    • April 15, 1821: Rufina Noeggerath, Belgian Spiritist philosopher and author, is born. Her book summarizes 25 years of experiences and observations on mediumship and boasts an introduction by Camille Flammarion.
    • April 15, 1864: Allan Kardec publishes "The Imitation of the Gospel" in Paris, which becomes "The Gospel According to Spiritism" in its improved 2nd edition in 1865. Download a free copy here.
    • April 15, 1865: Abraham Lincoln, an American president and Spiritualist who held séances at the White House, discarnates in Washington, DC.
    • April 17, 1695: Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz, Mexican poet, scholar, and nun, discarnates in Mexico City while nursing fellow nuns during an epidemic. She is the previous incarnation of Joanna de Angelis, the spirit author known for her great psychological insights.
    • April 18, 1857: Allan Kardec publishes "The Spirits' Book" in Paris, marking the official launch of Spiritism.
    • April 22, 1904: British physical effects medium Florence Cook discarnates in London. Cook was known for the materialization of the spirit Katie King, studied and endorsed by scientist and Nobel prize winner William Crookes.
    • April 25, 1882: German astrophysicist and psychical researcher Johann Carl Friedrich Zöllner discarnates in Leipzig, Germany. Zöllner became interested in Spiritualism in 1875 when he visited the scientist William Crookes in England.
    • April 29, 1909: Spanish medium and author Amália Domingo Soler discarnates in Barcelona, Spain. She is remembered for her book "Memories of Father Germano," and founded and edited a spiritist weekly, "La Luz del Porvenir."
    • April 30, 1854: Psychical researcher and Italy's director general of Public Health, Dr. Rocco Santoliquido, is born in Florence on April 30, 1854. Santoliquido became the first president of the Institut Métapsychique International, founded in 1919 in Paris by Jean Meyer.
    • April 30, 1865: Allan Kardec receives the first spirit message that outlines the role he was to play in the creation of Spiritism.
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