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Welcome to the first "official" The Spiritist Radar!
We are 167-strong for this first edition and look forward to landing in your inbox every month moving forward. Thanks for reading!

December is a great month to start: Christmas is around the corner. We hope you can celebrate the end of another year with those you love with joy and hope in your heart. Our wish for the season is that you may feel a little closer to the great messenger of life eternal we commemorate during the season, Jesus, and that it may help you build a great new year.

While you get ready for your year-end celebrations, here's what's in this edition of The Spiritist Radar:
  • New Book: "A Full Life" by Joanna de Ângelis
  • Events: December Online
    • Dec 10 - Self-Assessments & Resolutions
    • Dec 11 - SPIRITISMx: Views From the Beyond
    • Dec 14 - Spiritual Psychotherapy for Inpatient, Residential & Intensive Treatment (SPIRIT)
  • Service Project: Loving Bags for the Unsheltered in Florida, USA
Read it all or jump ahead to the section you want: it's your call.


End-of-Year Reading: "A Full Life" by Joanna de Ângelis

Looking to do some inspirational end-of-the-year reading or gifting? Then look no further than Joanna de Angelis' latest book in English, A Full Life.
The book offers 30 different messages dictated by the spirit Joanna de Ângelis to the famous Brazilian medium Divaldo Franco in the light of The Gospel According to Spiritism to help readers live a meaningful life and experience happiness.
A Full Life can be purchased directly with LEAL Publishers or found at Amazon -- and also makes a great stocking-stuffer! ;)


Dec 10th: Self-Assessment & Resolutions (Online)

Ready to work on your new year's resolutions? Our friends at the United States Spiritist Federation are bringing together representatives from different states in the US to visit 6 virtues or aspects for spiritual growth in anticipation of the new year: Patience, Humility, Altruism, Resilience, Compassion, and Mindfulness.
Self Assessment and Resolutions
You can watch it live for free at 11AM Eastern Standard Time (4PM UTC) via the USSF's YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Dec 11th: SPIRITISMx 2022: Views From the Beyond (Online)

Join Kardec Group (UK) for the third edition of SPIRITISMx, a series of TEDx-style short videos on Spiritist topics to take place Dec 11 at 2PM GMT.
This year's theme is "Views From the Beyond," an exploration of messages and stories relating to the spiritual world, brought to us by incarnate and spirit authors. Spiritist speakers from various countries will each share their perspective on great spiritual authors, including Saint Louis, François de Genève, Gabriel Delanne, Elizabeth d'Esperance, Emmanuel, André Luiz, Camilo Cândido Botelho, and Joanna de Ângelis.

Watch it live or later on Kardec Group's YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Dec 14th: Spiritual Psychotherapy for Inpatient, Residential & Intensive Treatment "SPIRIT" (Online)

The United States Spiritist Medical Association (SMA-US) is kickstarting a series of webinars on Spirituality and Mental Health with a lecture by Dr. David H Rosmarin from the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and director of the Spirituality and Mental Health Program at McLean Hospital.

Registration for this event is $20 per participant.
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-21 at 5.05.04 PM


'Tis the Season for Helping: Loving Bags for the Unsheltered

Our friends at the MIA Inner Light Spiritist Society in Miami (USA) are collecting donations to prepare 500 kits with 13 items each to help our neighbors without a home in the Miami and Fort Meyers areas of the state of Florida. Click here to find out more, or watch a quick video below to see the 2020 campaign.
Loving Bags 2020 Video
You can help by donating via Paypal, Go Fund Me, or purchasing items from this Amazon wish list for delivery to the group.

(Is your group doing a great community service project? Let us know!)

We hope you enjoyed what's on the radar for December!

If you have suggestions about what we should feature, reply to this email and let us know. In the meantime, please consider forwarding The Spiritist Radar to your friends to let them know what's going on and invite them to sign up too!
Happy Holidays,
The Spiritist Radar Team
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