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Happy new year!

January begins ripe with possibilities and opportunities for learning and growth throughout the year. What will you do in 2023?

This month is also full of Spiritist history: The Spiritist Review (1858), The Medium's Book (1861), and Genesis (1868) were all published in January!
To celebrate all that has happened in Januaries past, take a look at our new "Spiritist Time Machine" section.

In this edition of The Spiritist Radar:
  • The Spiritist Time Machine: January
  • Featured Resources
    • The Mediums' Book
    • Genesis
    • Initiation Into Spiritism
  • Events:
    • Jan 1 - Introducing Gabriel Delanne
    • Jan 8 - Spiritist Psychology Self-Discovery Study Group Begins
  • Giving Back: The Joanna de Ângelis Translation Project
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We travel back in time to revisit interesting events:
  • 1846: Léon Denis, French spiritist philosopher, is born on January 1st.
  • 1858: Allan Kardec publishes The Spiritist Review for the first time on January 1st. The Spiritist Review would go on to play a major role in sharing Spiritist news and articles throughout Europe and the world.
  • 1861: On January 15th, Allan Kardec publishes The Medium's Book, the second book of the Spiritist Codification.
  • 1862: Italian parapsychologist and spiritualist Ernesto Bozzano is born on January 9th.
  • 1868: Genesis - The Miracles and Predictions According to Spiritism is published by Allan Kardec on January 6th.
  • 1883: Amélie Gabrielle Boudet, spouse and great contributor of Allan Kardec discarnates on Jan 21st.
  • 1884: On January 2nd, the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB) is founded.
  • 1902: Alexandre Aksakof, Russian psychic researcher and author, returns to the spiritual realm on January 6th.


Resources and tools worth a look this month:

The Mediums' Book - A Milestone in Spirituality

Celebrating 161 years on January 15th, The Mediums' Book is the first comprehensive treatise on spirit communication in history.

The second book in the Spiritist Codification, The Mediums' Book dives into the nature and processes of mediumship, the ability to act as an intermediary between the physical and spiritual realms, through a rational and structured approach.
The Mediums' Book is the book to read for those wishing to understand how mediumship happens -- and how to practice it safely.

You can download a free PDF version or find where to buy a paper or digital copy here.

Genesis - Re-evaluating Miracles and Predictions

Genesis, the final book of the Spiritist Codification, takes readers back to a re-evaluation of the genesis story, miracles, and predictions contained in the Bible through a rational spiritual lens built over the previous four books of the Spiritist Codification.

Genesis is a rich read for those wishing to build a deeper understanding of the spiritual science underpinning many of the events in the Bible.
You can download a free PDF version from the International Spiritist Council or find where to buy a paper copy here.

Initiation Into Spiritism - An Online Course

Initiation into Spiritism is a course by the United States Spiritist Federation meant for all audiences regardless of previous knowledge of Spiritism or Spirituality since it deals with several contemporary topics with clarity and depth.
With a broad scope, this free self-paced video course covers dozens of relevant topics presented in 40 lessons, based on the book written by the renowned author Therezinha Oliveira, one of the major authorities in the field.


Jan 1st: Introducing Gabriel Delanne (Online)

Begin the new year by getting to know Gabriel Delanne, one of Spiritism's most important early exponents!
Screenshot 2022-12-30 at 11.17.23 PM
In this talk, Charles Kempf kickstarts a series of online events brought to you by the British Union of Spiritist Societies to celebrate Delanne and his work throughout 2023.

Watch it live on YouTube on January 1 at 6 pm UK time or later at your leisure.

Jan 8th: A Free Study Group on Self-Discovery Based on Spiritist Psychology Begins (Online)

Ready to start the year by going deep inside? The Spiritist Society of Bournemouth is very pleased to offer an opportunity to embark on a study that will lead participants on an inner journey of self-discovery based on Spiritist psychology. This new study group, led by psychiatrist and Jungian Analyst Anahy Fonseca, will start on January 8 and meet every two weeks online on Sundays at 20:30 (UK Time).
Free study group on Self-Discovery
There are no fees to participate but registration is required.

Interested? Contact Fabrício Assunção via WhatsApp at +44 795 028 5036 or via email at spiritistsocietyofbournemouth@gmail.com.


Donate to the Joanna de Ângelis Translation Project

A new campaign for translating a series of books pyschographed by the spirit Joanna de Ângelis into English has begun!

Known as the Psychological Series, these books written by the spirit Joanna de Ângelis through the medium Divaldo Franco have been a great resource for Portuguese and Spanish-speaking Spiritists wishing to dive deeper into the psychology of the spirit.

Now a group of organizations is working together to bring these powerful works to the English language through highly qualified professional translators -- and you can help!


Donate today to help bring the Psychological Series of Joanna de Ângelis into English!

Help leave a legacy of light for thousands in years to come.
Any amount helps. And please share!

(Do you know of any other great opportunities to give back? Let us know!)

We hope you enjoyed what's on our radar for January.

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Happy New Year!
The Spiritist Radar Team
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